Ref. No. Course Name  
AD 001 Advanced Office Administration & Management: Best Practices & Procedures View Details
CM 004 Contract Management Masterclass: Planning, Development, Negotiation & Formulation of Effective Contracts View Details
CM 005 Professional Contract Management: International Principles, Techniques & Strategies View Details
CM 008 The 10-day Contract & Project Management Masterclass View Details
CM 009 The 10-day Contract & Project Management Professional View Details
FI 002 Budgeting & Cost Control: Modern Methods for Better Decision Making View Details
FI 008 Finance for Non-Financial Professionals View Details
HR 009 Compensation & Benefits Administration: Managing Employee Motivation, Performance & Rewards View Details
MG 004 Enhancing Leadership, Critical Thinking & Innovation View Details
MG 019 Communication, Problem Solving & Decision Making View Details
MN 001 Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Work Control View Details
PM 004 Project Management Masterclass View Details
PM 005 Professional Project Management View Details
PM 008 Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines View Details


  • Manpower Development & Succession Planning

    Ref. No.: HR 003

    View Details
  • Effective Workplace Communication

    Ref. No.: MG 025

    View Details
  • Professional Business Writing Skills

    Ref. No.: MG 024

    View Details
  • Management & Leadership Masterclass

    Ref. No.: MG 002

    View Details
  • Strategy, Strategic Thinking & Business Planning

    Ref. No.: MG 007

    View Details
  • Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation

    Ref. No.: MG 012

    View Details
  • Oil & Gas Operational Safety

    Ref. No.: HS 005

    View Details
  • Communication, Interpersonal & Influencing Skills

    Ref. No.: MG 020

    View Details
  • Integrated Reservoir Modelling

    Ref. No.: OG 006

    View Details
  • The 5-day Finance & Accounting Mini-MBA

    Ref. No.: FI 005

    View Details
  • Smart Leadership: Achieving Strategy through Leadership & Innovation

    Ref. No.: MG 013

    View Details
  • Project Analysis: Quantifying Risks for Consistent Decision-Making and Better Economic Projections

    Ref. No.: PM 007

    View Details
  • Emergency Response Planning, Management & Leadership

    Ref. No.: HS 001

    View Details
  • Leading & Managing High Performing Teams

    Ref. No.: MG 021

    View Details
  • Oil & Gas Project Management Skills

    Ref. No.: PM 006

    View Details
  • Service Quality & Customer Happiness: Building a Customer-Centric Organisation

    Ref. No.: CS 003

    View Details
  • Creating & Fostering High Impact Managers

    Ref. No.: MG 008

    View Details