Kuala Lumpur
Ref. No. Course Name  
HR 007 Best Practices in Managing & Enhancing Employee Relations View Details
HS 001 Emergency Response Planning, Management & Leadership View Details
MG 009 Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Skills for Excellent Leadership View Details
MG 010 Strategic Planning & Goal Setting: Setting Focused Goals & Enhancing Competitiveness View Details
MG 011 Mastering Teamwork & Cooperation Skills View Details
MG 017 Positive Thinking, Psychology and Attitude View Details
MG 021 Leading & Managing High Performing Teams View Details
MM 002 Purchasing Management Masterclass View Details
MN 004 Maintenance Management & Technology: Proactive Approach for Managing and Improving Maintenance View Details
OG 005 Petroleum Projects Economics & Risk Analysis View Details
PM 007 Project Analysis: Quantifying Risks for Consistent Decision-Making and Better Economic Projections View Details


  • Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas: Safe Handling & Operation

    Ref. No.: EL 005

    View Details
  • Effective Presentation & Public Speaking Skills: Developing Persuasive & Credible Executive Presentations

    Ref. No.: MG 023

    View Details
  • Oil & Gas Project Management Skills

    Ref. No.: PM 006

    View Details
  • Service Quality & Customer Happiness: Building a Customer-Centric Organisation

    Ref. No.: CS 003

    View Details
  • Petroleum Projects Economics & Risk Analysis

    Ref. No.: OG 005

    View Details
  • Creating & Fostering High Impact Managers

    Ref. No.: MG 008

    View Details
  • Heat Exchangers: Types, Application, Design, Operation & Maintenance

    Ref. No.: ME 006

    View Details
  • Measurement While Drilling (MWD) & Logging While Drilling (LWD): Tools and Data Evaluation

    Ref. No.: OG 008

    View Details