Proclad Academy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Proclad Group, whose origins date back to the 1970s with Headquarters in Dubai and additional facilities in the UK and Singapore. The continued investment and acquisition strategy driven by the vision and determination of the CEO, Mr. Yaseen Jaffer, has seen the Proclad Group diversifying its business and venture into the training industry with Proclad Academy.

Proclad Academy is in operation in the U.A.E. since 2010, incorporated by the TechnoPark Authority in Dubai.

Proclad Academy offer world-class corporate training (both public & in-company) and consultancy services, plus vocational training on subjects such as Welding, HSE and First-Aid. We also offer Facility Rental service to clients who want to hire meeting rooms available within our premises, with or without catering and transportation.

There are 3 simple ways to register on a Proclad Academy public training course:

  1. Online: Select the course you want to register and click the “Register” button alongside your preferred dates & venue in the course outline, complete the form and click “submit”
  2. E-mail: Send your nomination/registration with the details of the course by e-mail to info@procladacademy.com
  3. Telephone: Call +971-4-8704010 to provisionally reserve your place

Once we receive the nomination, our Registrations Team will reserve your place on the course and will send a Registration Confirmation together with Joining Instructions and an Invoice. The joining instructions will have details such as course dates, timings, venue and other relevant information. You then need to process the payment as per the Invoice submitted to reconfirm the attendance.

Either the participant, his/her nominator or the company will be Invoiced upon registration on the course. Proclad Academy accepts payment in the following forms:

  1. Wire transfer to Proclad Academy’s bank account
  2. Cheque drawn in the name of Proclad Academy LLC
  3. Banker’s draft in the name of Proclad Academy LLC
  4. Company credit card or personal credit card

  1. High-quality training material with relevant handouts
  2. Notepad, Pen and other stationery required for the course
  3. World-class training location
  4. International buffet lunch
  5. Pre-course refreshments, morning/afternoon coffee breaks
  6. Personalised Certificate of Attendance

Proclad Academy does have various discount schemes but, as per our company policy, discounts are offered depending on the volume of registrations throughout the year and various other factors. Therefore, please contact us if you have multiple registrations for our training courses and we will be happy to consider.

The standard duration of our public courses is 7 hours daily, consisting:

  1. 30 minutes pre-course refreshments
  2. 5 teaching hours
  3. 2 x 15 minutes coffee breaks
  4. 1 hour lunch & networking

The training day will start with pre-course refreshments at 8.30am and finish by 3.30pm daily after lunch.

We currently offer in excess of 300 public course sessions every year worldwide, conducted at top-class hotels in a variety of locations.

Proclad Academy’s practical and results-oriented training courses are based on adult learning concept. We rely on a variety of training methodologies and techniques, aimed to enhance individual and group interaction, while maximising learning. It incorporates:

  1. Short inspiring presentations
  2. Individual and team exercises
  3. Experiential role-plays, where applicable
  4. Group discussions and Q&A sessions
  5. Relevant case studies and videos
  6. Individual assessments, where applicable
  7. Personal action plans, where applicable

Proclad Academy’s highly skilled team of world-class consultants is selected for their academic qualification, extensive industry experience, and affiliation with professional bodies relevant to the programmes he/she will be assigned to present.

Training venues are physical extensions of Proclad Academy and hence we carryout extensive scrutiny, including site inspection where possible, before finalising a professional venue with a view to guarantee an enriched training experience. Accordingly, participants will be exposed to the best facilities at the course venue ranging from meeting rooms, hospitable banquet staff, refreshments, proper signage/information, accommodation rooms, airport transfers (if applicable), reception/lobby assistance, etc.

Proclad Academy constantly evaluates the delegates’ learning experience. Key areas such as relevance of topics covered, speaker’s knowledge of subject, training methods used, etc. are evaluated to measure the success of the course. Tools used to effectively support this process are pre-course assessment, daily feedback, final evaluation and post-course assessment to be completed by each participant. The feedback obtained is thoroughly reviewed and discussed with the Instructors to make adjustments and ensure successful delivery of the training.

Proclad Academy is a master in tailoring in-company training solutions for clients, aimed at helping them achieve long term strategic success. All our public courses can also be offered as in-company training. In addition to being significantly cost effective, in-company courses are in demand because they:

  1. Allows the training to concentrate on specific items that are causing issues within the business
  2. Can be scheduled at a time convenient to the participants, and a venue of your preference
  3. Enable the organisation to select the proper mix of participants to ensure maximum benefit
  4. Allows the training to be focused on the company and can discuss real and current examples
  5. Encourage greater team work, awareness and understanding of each other’s role

Generally, once all relevant information has been collected, we will send you a proposal and work with you to identify the ideal dates and venue for delivering the customised training solution.

Proclad Academy boasts a state-of-the-art facility, at our premises in TechnoPark Dubai, consisting function rooms of varying specifications and capacities that are ideal for technical/non-technical training. We will also provide transportation, technology support, amenities and catering services required to make the training a real success. We will be delighted to work with you to tailor a suitable proposal if you would like to utilise our facility for in-company training.

  1. Consultancy Services

    To be effective in a rapidly changing world requires strong and adaptive leadership that focuses on concrete results and developing sound and flexible strategies based on emerging opportunities and threats. Whatever the Consultancy needs of your organisation, Proclad Academy is capable of providing the services and solutions to help.

  2. Training Facility Rental

    Proclad Academy boasts a state-of-the-art facility consisting function rooms of varying specifications and capacities. Our facility also includes two high-tech computer labs with 25 computers each. The function rooms are available to hire on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Depending on the type of audience, number of participants, technology needs and any additional specifications, we will configure function room(s) that can comfortably host your event(s). We will also provide the technology support, amenities and catering services required to make the event a real success.

    Regardless of the type of the event, Proclad Academy is capable of providing a facility that will not only meet your precise requirements but also foster an environment that all attendees will enjoy.

  3. Vocational Training

    Proclad Academy has an excellent track record of offering vocational training services on a wide range of Welding, HSE and Oil & Gas topics. Our purpose built vocational training centre, located in TechnoPark Dubai, comprises the following:

    • Four large multi-purpose training rooms that can be configured to different sizes
    • Confined space entry and rescue simulator
    • Working at height/rescue at height simulator
    • Fully equipped 50-bay welder training facility
    • External practical area for forklift truck, rigging & slinging, and driver training
    • Computer labs (with 25 laptops in each lab)

    Proclad Academy prides on taking a no nonsense approach to vocational training that generates competent and safety conscious individuals. These practices translate into our innovative practical training solutions and ensure that it reflects current industry processes and has the right balance of theory and practice.