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    Our public training courses, seminars & workshops are guaranteed to help you enhance your expertise and perform your tasks effectively.

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    If you are looking for customised in-company training, Proclad Academy works with you to develop learning experiences with a lasting and positive impact.


    To be effective in a rapidly changing world requires strong and adaptive leadership that focuses on concrete results and developing sound and flexible strategies based on emerging opportunities and threats.


    Proclad Academy boasts a state-of-the-art facility consisting function rooms of varying specifications and capacities that are ideal for hosting corporate retreat, technical/non-technical training, meetings or a gathering of senior executives.


    Proclad Academy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Proclad Group and incorporated by the TechnoPark authority in Dubai, provides high quality vocational training programmes to companies across the GCC, Africa, and Asia.


Proclad Academy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Proclad Group, is an independent, innovative and top-quality training & management consultancy, operating in the knowledge and information industry. Incorporated by the TechnoPark authority in Dubai, we provide corporate training & consultancy services worldwide based on content, market intelligence & networking opportunities covering a diverse range of business sectors.

Whether you are attending one of our public training courses or engaging Proclad Academy’s services for customised training solutions, you are certain to acquire latest business knowledge that will not only beneficial to your company, but also to you as a professional.

Proclad Academy’s training courses, seminars & workshops are designed and delivered by experienced industry practitioners, providing the participants access to latest knowledge, using a variety of facilitation methodologies and techniques. Used where applicable, these methods aim to enhance individual and group interaction while maximising learning.


  • Human Resource Management Masterclass

    Ref. No.: HR 002

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  • Business Writing Skills for Office Administrators, Secretaries and Personal Assistants

    Ref. No.: AD 003

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  • Data Analysis Techniques & Practices

    Ref. No.: ME 001

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  • Developing Women as Leaders: Liberating Power, Potential & Positivity of Women in the Workplace

    Ref. No.: MG 015

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  • Professional Contract Management: International Principles, Techniques & Strategies

    Ref. No.: CM 005

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  • Compensation & Benefits Administration: Managing Employee Motivation, Performance & Rewards

    Ref. No.: HR 009

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  • Maintenance Management & Technology: Proactive Approach for Managing and Improving Maintenance

    Ref. No.: MN 004

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  • Purchasing Management Masterclass

    Ref. No.: MM 002

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  • Petroleum Projects Economics & Risk Analysis

    Ref. No.: OG 005

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  • Mastering Teamwork & Cooperation Skills

    Ref. No.: MG 011

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  • Advanced Documents and Records Management: Global Standards & Methodologies

    Ref. No.: AD 004

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  • Customer Relationship Management: Analysing & Integrating Key Components

    Ref. No.: CS 002

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  • Heat Exchangers: Types, Application, Design, Operation & Maintenance

    Ref. No.: ME 006

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  • Safe Operation & Maintenance of Circuit Breakers & Switchgears

    Ref. No.: EL 001

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  • Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines

    Ref. No.: PM 008

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  • Financial Statement Analysis & Reporting

    Ref. No.: FI 007

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  • Piping System Design, Operation and Maintenance

    Ref. No.: MN 005

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  • Goal Setting, Planning & Decision Making: Methods, Processes, Procedures and Practices

    Ref. No.: MG 016

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  • The 10-day Contract & Project Management Professional

    Ref. No.: CM 009

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  • Best Practices in Managing & Enhancing Employee Relations

    Ref. No.: HR 007

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  • Professional Project Management

    Ref. No.: PM 005

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  • The 5-day Executive Mini-MBA in Upstream Oil & Gas

    Ref. No.: OG 004

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  • Communication, Problem Solving & Decision Making

    Ref. No.: MG 019

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  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

    Ref. No.: OG 011

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  • Practical Pump and Valve Technology

    Ref. No.: ME 008

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  • Budgeting & Cost Control: Modern Methods for Better Decision Making

    Ref. No.: FI 002

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  • ARC Flash & Electrical Safety

    Ref. No.: El 007

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  • Measurement While Drilling (MWD) & Logging While Drilling (LWD): Tools and Data Evaluation

    Ref. No.: OG 008

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  • Basic Safety & Loss Prevention: Securing a Safer Working Environment

    Ref. No.: HS 003

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  • Advanced Alarm Management

    Ref. No.: IN 004

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  • Cooling Towers: Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

    Ref. No.: ME 003

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  • Effective Self-Management: Evaluating & Monitoring Energy, Attitude & Priority

    Ref. No.: MG 014

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  • Building Personal Leadership Skills for Working in Teams

    Ref. No.: MG 022

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  • Manpower Development & Succession Planning

    Ref. No.: HR 003

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  • Effective Workplace Communication

    Ref. No.: MG 025

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  • Professional Business Writing Skills

    Ref. No.: MG 024

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  • Management & Leadership Masterclass

    Ref. No.: MG 002

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  • Strategy, Strategic Thinking & Business Planning

    Ref. No.: MG 007

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  • Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation

    Ref. No.: MG 012

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  • Oil & Gas Operational Safety

    Ref. No.: HS 005

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  • Communication, Interpersonal & Influencing Skills

    Ref. No.: MG 020

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  • Integrated Reservoir Modelling

    Ref. No.: OG 006

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  • The 5-day Finance & Accounting Mini-MBA

    Ref. No.: FI 005

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  • Smart Leadership: Achieving Strategy through Leadership & Innovation

    Ref. No.: MG 013

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  • Project Analysis: Quantifying Risks for Consistent Decision-Making and Better Economic Projections

    Ref. No.: PM 007

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  • Emergency Response Planning, Management & Leadership

    Ref. No.: HS 001

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  • Leading & Managing High Performing Teams

    Ref. No.: MG 021

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  • Oil & Gas Project Management Skills

    Ref. No.: PM 006

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  • Service Quality & Customer Happiness: Building a Customer-Centric Organisation

    Ref. No.: CS 003

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  • Creating & Fostering High Impact Managers

    Ref. No.: MG 008

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  • Good delivery aimed at all experience levels

    Craig Wight, Masaood John Brown
    HAZCOM Training, 26 January 2017, Dubai
  • The Instructor was very clear and descriptive. Excellent presentation!

    Govind Krishnan, Masaood John Brown
    HAZCOM Training, 26 January 2017, Dubai
  • The Trainers were very helpful

    Narinder Kumar, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
    GMAW Training & Certification, 26 – 30 March 2017, Dubai
  • The facility was well maintained & equipped. Thanks for the training given, keep it up.

    Benjamin D’Souza, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
    GMAW Training & Certification, 26 – 30 March 2017, Dubai
  • Thanks to the Instructors because they gave good support

    Sarath Wijesuriya, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
    GMAW Training & Certification, 26 – 30 March 2017, Dubai
  • I like the Instructor and the practical methods

    Vineed Vijayan, Saqr Port Authority
    SMAW 2G ABS Certification, 14 – 18 May 2017, Dubai
  • Theory, practical and the Instructor are all good

    Majesh Moidunni, Saqr Port Authority
    SMAW 2G ABS Certification, 14 – 18 May 2017, Dubai
  • Excellent practical and the trainer is good

    Nisamuddeen Muhammed, Saqr Port Authority
    SMAW 2G ABS Certification, 14 – 18 May 2017, Dubai
  • I am satisfied with how the training course went through

    Gibet Sabrina, MONTEC Ship Management
    Fire Warden Training, 20 August 2017, Dubai
  • I liked the presentation and way of teaching

    Vinay Sharma, WOCO Tech Ltd (FZE)
    Fire Warden Training, 22 April 2018, Dubai