About Us

About Us

Proclad Academy

Proclad Academy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Proclad Group and incorporated by the TechnoPark authorities in Dubai, pride ourselves in our ability to deliver innovative and diversified training courses and consulting services that are designed and presented by subject matter experts, with proven track-record and competent in providing relevant learning solutions applicable to today’s business challenges.

Proclad Academy strive to assist our clients – small and large, private and public – to develop their human capital in a range of management and technical topics, using an ever-expanding portfolio of training courses, seminars & workshops.

 Proclad Academy

Achieving our ambitions relies on three indispensable teams; the management team, the facilitators and the support teams. Collaboratively, these teams work in tandem to ensure that the needs and expectations of our clients are consistently met and regularly exceeded:

  • Proclad Academy’s Management Team innovates continuously to ensure alignment with clients’ expectations is maintained
  • Proclad Academy’s Facilitators strive for excellence in the design and delivery of all training and consultancy services
  • Proclad Academy’s Support Team, working in a motivating environment, engage with the company and its values

Our Vision

To provide most reliable training and consulting services around the world aimed at maximizing client trust and confidence.

Our Mission

To establish a powerful reputation for delivering training of the highest quality, that is comparable to, and constantly exceeds, that found anywhere in the rest of the world.

Our Approach

Proclad Academy’s training courses, seminars & workshops are conducted using brief presentations; individual and team exercises; behaviour modeling and role-plays; one-to-one and group discussions; case studies, simulations and small projects; videos; individual action plans.