Course Outline

Course Outline

Advanced Alarm Management

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IN 004 19 - 23 Apr 2020 Dubai 4500 Register
IN 004 23 - 27 Aug 2020 Dubai 4500 Register
IN 004 13 - 17 Dec 2020 Dubai 4500 Register

Advanced Alarm Management


Alarm Management is a key element in managing the operational risk of every facility. However, poor handling of the alarm systems – plagued by alarm floods, inaccurate alarms, and suppressed alarms – will diminish situation awareness and continue to negatively impact plant production and safety. An effective alarm system optimization strategy, one that leverages a proven methodology enabled by software automation, addresses these challenges making operators more effective during abnormal situations.

Participants attending Proclad Academy’s Advanced Alarm Management training course will learn and apply best practices in alarm management using real world examples and tools. They will return to their jobs not only with a better understanding of alarm management best practices but also equipped with a set of practical set of techniques, procedures and tools to optimise their alarm management system to increase the productivity, efficiency, product quality, safety, integrity, and security of their processes.

The key features of Proclad Academy’s Advanced Alarm Management training course are:

  • A review of P&ID diagrams, process control, and process safeguarding
  • Alarm management principles and alarm philosophy
  • Alarm identification and rationalization
  • Alarm design, implementation, operation and maintenance
  • Alarm performance monitoring and assessment
  • Use of hands-on tools for alarm rationalization, design, implementation, and operation
Learning Objectives

By attending Proclad Academy’s Advanced Alarm Management training course, participants will be able to:

  • Improve operator detection and response to abnormal situations by understand the fundamentals of alarm management and alarm philosophy
  • Apply procedures for alarm rationalization, alarm design, implementation, operation, maintenance, alarm performance monitoring and assessment
  • Gain an understanding of the functions of the Alarm Advanced Element application as an alarm systems management tool
  • Acquire an understanding of the Alarm Analysis application and its use in evaluating the performance of an alarm system
  • Avoid upset conditions that may impact production
  • Enable immediate, significant reduction of nuisance alarms and facilitates regulatory compliance
  • Implement alarm management procedures using hands-on tools (software package)
Target Audience

Proclad Academy’s Advanced Alarm Management training course will greatly benefit all individuals who wish to improve their knowledge and experience, especially;

  • Process Control Engineers and Supervisors
  • Instrumentation and Control System Engineers
  • Automation Engineers, Maintenance Supervisors and Technologists
  • Operation Engineers, Supervisors and Operators
  • Production and Project Managers
  • Those involved in the design, implementation and upgrading of industrial control systems (PLC, DCS & SCADA)
  • Other professionals who want a better understanding of alarm management systems
Training Methodology

Proclad Academy’s Advanced Alarm Management training course will be presented in a fast-paced and highly dynamic style. The training methodology includes theoretical lectures, concepts and role play, work presentation and techniques, and general discussions with relevant videos. This practical training course will be an excellent opportunity to network with your peers as well as gain proven methods to optimise the performance of alarm management systems.

Course Outline
  • What is Alarm Management?
  • Main standards for Alarm Management: ISA 18.2, EEMUA 191, IEC 62682
  • Review of P & ID diagrams, process control systems and BPCS
  • Review of Process Control Safeguarding, Hazard analysis, Safety Instrumented systems (SIS) and Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
  • Safeguarding examples
  • Alarm Management as a layer of LOPA and Benefits of Alarm Management
  • Common DCS and SCADA Alarm Display Capabilities, and their Misuse
  • What is an Alarm?
  • Alarm Issues-Alarm Proliferation, Nuisance Alarms and Operator Overload
  • Alarm Management Principles
  • Alarm Philosophy
  • Baseline and Benchmarking of Alarm System Performance
  • Alarm Management Lifecycle
  • Alarm Bad Actor Analysis and Solution
  • Alarm Objective Analysis
  • Documenting Operator Response Time
  • Assigning Alarm Priorities
  • Classifying Alarms
  • Defining Alarm Attributes
  • Assessing the need of Advanced Alarming
  • Procedures and Configuration Examples
  • The Entropy of an Alarm System
  • Control System Alarm Change
  • The Dangers of Alarm Suppression
  • Application of Advanced Alarm Management Solutions
  • Alarm Shelving, State-Based Alarming, State Detection Logic
  • Alarm Flood Suppression
  • Operator-Adjustable Alarms
  • Alarm Handling Software
  • Management of Change of Alarm Systems
  • Advanced Alarm Monitoring and KPIs
  • Annual Audits
  • The Future of Alarm Management-Integrated HMI
  • Comprehensive Alarm Management
  • Safe Production Knowledge Retention and Decision Support
  • An Example of Operator Effectiveness