Course Outline

Course Outline

Creating & Fostering High Impact Managers

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MG 008 17 - 21 Aug 2020 California 5500 Register
MG 008 19 - 23 Oct 2020 London 5000 Register
MG 008 07 - 11 Dec 2020 New York 5500 Register

Creating & Fostering High Impact Managers


High Impact Managers is a key element to succession planning and growing the overall capacity of the organisation to effectively compete. They understands the principle that 20% of their efforts will generate 80% of the results, and 80% of their efforts should be on developing leaders at all levels on their team. The rapidly changing marketplace requires flexible, solution-seeking personnel who are striving to continuously learn, and rapidly adapt to work environments, processes, roles and competencies to meet new challenges.

PROCLAD Academy’s Creating & Fostering High Impact Managers training course prepares the participants to be successful in transforming their daily activities from being frenzied, stressful, complex, unrelenting exhausting, unfruitful, and demoralizing to developing their capacity to become optimistic, confident, relaxed, and focused on meeting strategic and operational objectives. Participants will, in their role as a manager or leader, be able to understand the need to prepare and develop high impact managers who can Put Principles into Practice.

The key features of PROCLAD Academy’s Creating & Fostering High Impact Managers training course are:

  • Self-analysis: Where am I now and what do I know (or not know)?
  • Organisational-analysis: How are we preparing and developing managers now?
  • Application of principles learned
  • Table Group Discussions: What can I learn from others?
  • Feedback Exercises: Assessing learning through Principles into Practice exercises
Learning Objectives

PROCLAD Academy’s Creating & Fostering High Impact Managers training course is based on accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Achieve exceptional results without working so hard
  • Focus on the issues that really matter and ignore those that don’t
  • Ask the right questions and find the right connections
  • Find meaningful achievement by defining the core of the firm and yourself
  • Value thought above action to create winning strategies
  • Meeting strategic, operational, and tactical goals
  • Learning how to be effective vs. being busy
  • Diagnosing and solving issues through people
  • Discerning the few key activities which will produce the BEST Results
  • Investigating causes vs. symptoms
  • Connecting with others and acting as a bridge to getting things done
  • Mentoring the few to Maximize the many
  • Simplifying and Prioritising the Tasks
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Seeking meaning for greater Achievement
Target Audience

PROCLAD Academy’s Creating & Fostering High Impact Managers training course is designed for:

  • All professionals & leaders who desire an in-depth knowledge of best practices in preparing and developing high impact managers
  • Anyone who is interested in developing their capacity as a High Impact Manager
  • Anyone who has the responsibility for enhancing management development and training in today’s rapidly changing global business environment
Training Methodology

The practical experiential learning method used in PROCLAD Academy’s Creating & Fostering High Impact Managers training course is results-oriented, based on an adult learning concept. It incorporates short inspiring lectures with structured lessons from the learning manual, captivating PowerPoint slides with videos to enhance learning, ongoing discussions with action planning, and ample time for Q&A.

Training activities will be reinforced using key concepts within a fun learning environment, and is designed to function as an interactive group process with delegates continuously building their capacity through interaction, and experiential learning.

Course Outline
  • The Effective Leadership: Understand BE, KNOW, DO, HAVE
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Best Practices for Strategic Alignment
  • Leading at a Higher Level
  • Be an Investigating Manager
  • Feedback Exercise
  • Two principles for connecting with your people: Integration and Identification
  • Two Ways to Manage
  • Using the Secret Weapon
  • How to become a “Super-connector”
  • Coaching for Effectiveness
  • Mentoring for Growth – understand how to mentor from the greatest mentors
  • Leverage for extraordinary results
  • Feedback Exercise
  • Making creativity work for you
    • Open up the creative side of your people
    • Liberate them to achieve their full potential
    • Identify the few outstanding personal “spikes”
    • Encourage these skills to benefit the team
  • Learn Ways to Become a Time Rich Manager
  • Understand ways to rein in policies, procedures, and systems which complicate operations
  • Feedback Exercise
  • The Manager seeking meaning
  • Learn how to evaluate, measure, and recalculate
  • Determine if activities are leading to productivity
  • Transitions in preparing and developing High Impact Managers
  • Two Dimensions of Management
  • Scenarios of Leaders vs. Managers
  • Five Core Competencies
  • Feedback Exercise
  • Essential Characteristics of the Strategic Manager
    • Value thought over action
    • Drive out conformity
    • Drive out the status quo
    • Master the art of thinking
    • Innovation over perfection
    • Extreme Ambition
  • Eight Steps to accomplish Meaningful Results personally and professionally
  • The High Impact Manager and the 80/20 Organisation
  • Feedback Exercise