Course Outline

Course Outline

Emergency Response Planning, Management & Leadership

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HS 001 06 - 10 Jul 2020 Amsterdam 5000 Register
HS 001 07 - 11 Dec 2020 Kuala Lumpur 5000 Register

Emergency Response Planning, Management & Leadership


The sheer range of potential incidents and emergencies that can disrupt or even stop production are increasing. Not all of these incidents will become critical or be classed as a crisis if managed correctly. Failure to manage the incidents correctly will result in increased losses or put increased demand upon the organisation with ensuing serious consequences for the company, the shareholders/stakeholders and the country itself badly damaging the reputation of all those involved in the response.

This Proclad Academy training course will teach participants that meeting emergency response planning, management & leadership commitment involves more than just being fully prepared. The training will give participants with a greater understanding of the emergency response planning process, identification, selection and implementation of objectives, and how utilising their management & leadership qualities they will be able to deliver great outcomes to successfully dealing with any emergencies.

The key features of Proclad Academy’s Emergency Response Planning, Management & Leadership training course are:

  • Designing appropriate response plans
  • Organising Emergency Control Centers
  • Controlling Emergency Response Teams
  • Analyzing incidents and allocating duties
  • Developing crisis management strategies
Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this Proclad Academy training course, the participants will be able to:

  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the practices and procedures of emergency response planning
  • Recognize the attributes between incidents, emergencies and crisis situations
  • Provide understanding of methodology and importance of emergency response planning
  • Employ the roles and responsibilities, tools and techniques in crisis management & leadership
Target Audience

This Proclad Academy training course is intended for personnel who form part of a team working within critical areas of emergency response and risk management, including but not limited to:

  • Ministry or government regulators
  • Fire, safety and security professionals
  • Fisk, marketing and insurance professionals
  • Designated incident, emergency and crisis response professionals
  • Local fire and emergency response members
  • Line managers and supervisors wishing to learn emergency response best practices
Training Methodology

Proclad Academy’s Emergency Response Planning, Management & Leadership training course will enhance emergency leadership capabilities through assessment, syndicate exercises and group discussions. Participants will enhance crisis communication skills and develop team problem solving techniques and methods through various challenges. Participants will be given a course manual with industry standards, audits, plans and checklists which are easily adapted to their own site specific needs.

Course Outline
  • Crisis Management Philosophy, and Risk Management Assessment
  • Identifying Hazards & Controlling Risks
  • Responsibilities in an Industrial Concern
  • Emergency Response Philosophy
  • Methodology of Emergency Response
  • Importance of Emergency Response Planning
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Crisis Management & Emergency Response Teams
  • Tools & Techniques for Crisis Management & Emergency Response Teams
  • Training & Development of Emergency Response Teams
  • Crisis Management & Emergency Response Planning
  • Essentials of Organizational Resilience
  • Crisis Management – Communication & Media Management
  • HR Management in Crisis/Emergency
  • Crisis Operational Leadership
  • Crisis Management Recovery